Dengue and Malaria

So many people now-a-days especially in north India are either suffering from malaria or dengue. They are acute, chronic and infectious diseases that might even lead to death of a person.

A common phenomenon, Dengue is caused by the bite of a female Andes Mosquito causing a viral infection in a human being whereas Malaria is caused by a Parasite Plasmodium and can affect both human beings and animals.

Malaria (an infectious disease) which directly affects the Red Blood Cells or RBC’s can be transmitted in an Anopheles Mosquito bites a person or animal that is already infected with this disease. Dengue on the other hand is not an infectious disease but affects the RBC’S and platelets. They usually start falling once a person is infected with Dengue. The dengue mosquito bites a person in proper day light and its side effects start appearing in about 4 to 13 days before any proper signs or symptoms appear.