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why you should visit a physician in Hisar

8 Reasons Why We Should Visit A Physician

A truly amazing Doctor is hard to find… And impossible to forget. An apple a day keeps the doctor away is an old age saying which has now lost its color & meaning. Our fast-paced life, unhealthy diet, and tough working hours have made us more conscious of our health. Needless to say, the present environment, polluted water, and air are add on to it. So to keep up the pace with this life, it is better to see our physician once in three to six months, just to make sure that everything is working fine in our human machine.

Gone all the days when pure air to pure ghee made us strong enough and we did not need to see a Doctor or Physician unless something urgent was required that might be an accident or high fever Long Duration. There was one Doctor over an entire village to make sure the World was Safe. The rest was taken care of by Dadi’s & Nani’s home-made remedies. After all none of us can deny taking Asafoetida (Hing) for stomach ache in the middle of the night. But things have changed with time. Words like Cancer, AIDS, Diabetes & BP hypertension suddenly send shocking waves to our minds & heart.

So a regular check with a physician is far better than landing in a worse situation. I remember my grandparent’s quotes, “Hopefully we never visit a courtroom, a Police Station, and a Doctor”. But a Doctor is someone, we all need from our first breath to last. So here are a few reasons why we should visit a physician.

To build a good relation:

Now that sounds weird why would you want a good relation with your doctor. Because accept it or not, we need a Physician at some point of time in our life. So keeping in touch with your physician is the first step to build a good relationship with his/her. “Once you have a good rapport, you can easily share your physical ailments with them”, says Dr. Madhu Saini. A sudden emergency case puts you at the loss of words in front of a new Doctor. The situation, lack of information, but both you & your physician in mess. So it is better to keep visiting your physician every three to six months.

To keep your body in check:

Getting regular check-ups is the first step to a healthy life. Regular physical examination to make sure your respiratory system, the digestive system is working well is important these days. It helps us to understand your body well & keep up with the pace of your life according to your needs and requirements.

To understand the health Risk:

We all are in a world we make sure to have health insurance for ourselves and our dear ones. We pay in thousands, just to make sure that in case of emergency, we are not in short of money. No one wants to risk their or their loved one’s health and we put so much money on stake, still praying that ‘All goes well. But according to physician Dr. Madhu Saini, “What people forget is to first understand the risk involved with your health”. That means understanding what health issues can affect your body. “People spend a lot on Health Insurance but stay away from doctors”, she says.

Prevention is Better than Cure:

Just as we plan a monthly or a yearly outing; we should make sure to visit our regular Physician every six months, be it children, adults, or old members of the family. “This physical examination once in a while helps us to pinpoint the High Risks points in our patients”, says Dr. Madhu Saini. Regular test check-ups, like CBC, LFT, KFT, help us to analyze our sugar, cholesterols level. A regular cervical test and a Pap smear test in women help to control and keep in check the number of breast and cervical cancer patients. A high alarm at the right time can save a lot of lives and money.

To Keep the Mind Healthy:

The demanding work-life balance often affects our minds and soul. Insomnia is the most common complaint we hear these days. Although overlooked and underrated to date is our mental health. Stress, Anxiety, and depression have become common in every age group and every society. Our physician’s regular check-up can help us pinpoint if there is anything wrong with our Mental Health. The right step taken at the right time can save us from a lot of Mental Health Issues.

When Planning a Family:

Visiting a doctor just for planning a family is not a trend in India. But it is one important step that should become a part of our routine; that is to visit a Physician and if suggested a Gynecologist once you think of planning a family. It helps us to rule out any complication or problem that needs to be taken care of before you plan a child.

To Get a Good Sound Sleep:

Sometimes a small rash, a minor headache, or an overgrown tissue area suddenly ticks our mind off. We try to ignore it for a day or two, but in case it is about your loved one or your child, getting a sound sleep becomes impossible. Your mind runs from a simple possibility to the worse one when you fall on the bed after a tiring day to get some sound sleep. In all such cases from imagining something, it is better to consult a physician to rule out any complication.

To Live a Healthy Life:

Just like it is important to have the right amount of carbohydrates, proteins, vitamins, fats, and micronutrients, a visit to a physician should be a part of our routine to make sure we live a healthy and happy life. They help us to keep a check on our bodies and minds and take the right steps as and when required.

“Medicine can cure diseases but only Doctors can cure Patients”, Carl Jung.
So undoubtedly Doctors are an important part of life. They are here to serve. They have given up an important part of their life just to make our lives better. So find a good Doctor, build a good relationship and make your lives better and beautiful.


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